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3GN UK Ltd Statement – 05/01/2018

3GN UK Ltd are proud to announce our sponsorship of a fantastic prospect in the world of Practical shotgun & 3Gun competition.

For the 2018 season 3GN UK will be sponsoring Mathew Ellis who is based at Rossendale Fusiliers PSG club in Greater Manchester. We will provide Mathew with his competition clothing & support his progress through the season. You will see Mathew sporting our name at all the major competitions throughout the year including our own series which we will be announcing in the coming months.

Mathew has just completed his first full season in PSG & his talents have already been noticed as his ranking has improved. We have noticed his rise in such a short period of time & between us we are aiming to support him to progress further during the 2018 season.
Mathew Ellis’ story is a real inspiration & his is a name to watch for this coming year. He started out in the sport by buying used shotguns to enable him to at least practice & get ahead of the game prior to spending money on all new gear, it all comes from his own dedication & commitment to succeed which is second to none.
Mathew has trained in all conditions from sunshine, rain, sleet & snow & practiced every night at home to improve his load times. He’s not only a credit to his club Rossendale but also himself & his family.
We look forward to the 2018 season & cannot wait to see how Mathew progresses in his second full season of competitions …
Mathew, welcome to the 3GN UK family, we’re honored to have you aboard & carrying our name.